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This guys ripped me off on ebay! I bought a car from them on eBay and it was nothing like what they represented. This is what they said and all these statements are in writing in the eBay auction. They said the body has had no repairs and the body had been repaired and bondoed at least 10 times that I have found so far.

They said all the electrical was good and working.

This was a lie. The electrical is a mess and they had fixed the ignition with rubber bands. The rubber bands need to be just right or the car will not even start. They said the car run so smoothly the owner shifts the car without spilling his coffee.

It turns out the car had not been driven in 5 years. They told me the car was painted silver. The car was painted primer and that was used to try and cover up all the bondo and peeling paint. The eBay auction stated also: 'This vehicle's interior is very clean'.The carpet is torn out, the seats are torn up and crushed. The dashboard is torn to pieces. The eBay auction stated also: 'Air Conditioning is good' There is not any air conditioning. The eBay auction stated also: 'Clear Tile'

I have been to call and email everyday to get them to send the title and they always say 'we overnighted it' When I ask for a tracking number they get mad. I was told if I was going to be that way it was going to be very hard for me to get a title from them.

If you are too far away to inspect the car before bidding save your self a lot of expense and pain and stay away from Rusty Wallace Newport Ford

These guys are a great disservice to the overwhelming majority of auto dealers who treat each of their customers in an honest and open manner With this economy car dealers need all the breaks they can get. Dealers like Robert Wolford smear the entire industry.

The tactics used by Robert Wolford on ebay are so sly that informed customers, customers who have done their homework and exhausted every measure to ensure they don't get ripped off, are taken just as easily as anyone else.

Wolford has even found a way to not pay ebay for the auction that brings him the customer. After the sale is confirmed they just cancel the auction and save on ebay fees. Later when the customer finds out he was taken he does not have the protection of the purchase being made on ebay.

The majority of new car dealers are family businesses that have been an important part of their local communities for decades. Repeat business is the cornerstone of their operation.

This is why it is imperative that law enforcement authorities take swift action to protect consumers and seek civil redress and criminal convictions before the evidence of wrongdoing is destroyed

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Sounds like you have nothing else to do but make lame comments.

Get a life


so you paid for a car without even seeing pictures of the interior? you're the ***.

to jay #1142105

You guys don't know what your talking about these pieces of *** took advantage of the guy and they deserve to have their pants sued off

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